Welcome to 1-1 Coaching

Thank you for investing in your life

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 1-1 coaching. You've agreed to be committed to the process of change. I am committing my time, but more importantly, my decades of experience, qualifications and other training to support you.

Here are a few notes in reply to questions I sometimes get about the fee or the coaching hours. I understand because I am always looking for exceptional value, so I want to give that to you.

1-1 coaching comes at a price to compensate the coach - which seems a lot if you try to figure out the hourly rate.

  • But the fee doesn't only reflect the time involved. Which in my case is about 21 years of doing the graft to gain deep insights (wisdom), training for qualifications (and lots of pieces of training without official certification), learning from my clients and students, and generally making every mistake in the book so you don't have to.
  • The fee is for making sure I have to best tools at the forefront of the current therapeutic paradigm - which could be fast.

If it can make changes fast, why 6 months?

  • Six months (or 24 hours of 1-1 coaching) is the maximum to gain real, measurable results.
  • If by the time we have been together for 24 hours (six months at one hour per week), you have not gained significant results (at least the minimum or equivalent success in your opinion) then the guarantee kicks in.
  • We agree on what minimum results will mean your investment has been worth it. If there is time available, we surpass the minimum results but this is not guaranteed. If you gain results way beyond the minimum, and I am happy there will be no relapse, then the coaching may be complete long before the six months. This can also happen if you & I are available for longer than one hour per week.

100% Guarantee

  • When you commit yourself to 24 hours of 1-1 coaching, I commit myself to your life-enhancing results.
  • I put a lot of thought and energy into making sure our time together is of a high value.
  • With these above two elements in play (the commitment of us both) I am not interested in your money if the results are beyond my ability. I cannot guarantee results - but I can guarantee you will not pay if there are none.
  • However: if our sessions become too irregular, or you fail to turn up (either physically or mentally), I will be unable to give my best. The guarantee will be void and even if there are no results I will sadly keep your fee.
  • Any cancelled or missed appointment will sustain a non-refundable surcharge. Too many and the contract (and guarantee) is void.
  • The point of the guarantee is to relieve any anxiety if you are genuine in your wish to change or heal. You will receive the best chance of surpassing your goals - even if it takes 24 sessions and lots of experimentation to get there. See it like a Doctor giving you a medicine then saying, "If you have any problems with it, or you're not getting any better, come back to me and we will consider another medicine. You do not have to worry about the financial cost of attending our coaching sessions because there is no risk of losing.
  • I am taking away the risk of paying but not getting the results.

I look forward to meeting you and our journey together.

I will email you with a link to my schedular and email address to book your first appointment.