Where will life take you?

It depends upon how conscious you are

Let me explain. You may have heard, “You always have a choice”, but do you? At All One Planet, we understand the struggle people go through to be ‘positive’ and how hard it is to make “the right choice”. We found, for ourselves and many clients, choosing became harder as we woke up to the realities of life and started to let go of the illusion of being in control.

What if you could go beyond the habitual ways you may be choosing your life experiences? Would it be of interest to you to be able to connect with your True essence and make choices from there? We found that’s the key!

There are so many benefits to meditation. Science is catching-up — slowly — gathering the evidence to show with certainty what Yogis, Gurus and conscious leaders have known for millennia.

Meditation makes you more conscious

Meditation supports you to be mindful of the habits that take you away from reality. You can awaken to your Authentic Self and True Nature, and become conscious of your true potential. Awake enough to have a real choice.

All One Planet is here to support you in exploring meditation and what is true & right for you

We provide educational resources (online courses), offline events (including speaker engagements), and retreats.

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photo of alert cat with a quote by QC Ellis, “It’s not about making your mind blank; meditation makes you more conscious
Meditation & Mindfulness

We provide courses, talks & events such as ‘Gamma Meditation - Like a Blissed-Out Buddhist Monk’

photo of sea, sky and water lapping gently upon the beach, with the words “Melt Stress in Minutes
Health & Wellbeing

Melt stress and go beyond willpower — to attain a life worth living with balance, vitality and energy

Awaken To Your Truth

Our True Nature and Authentic Self are with us at all times but covered-up by stress and the daily clamour

What About Retreats?

All One Planet providing opportunities to transform your life.

You may be interested in taking your meditation to the next level via a retreat day, weekend or week(s).

For instance, we offer a chance to heal your body and mind via our "amazing" Heal With Blissweek in silent retreat.

You may want one-to-one guidance on how to integrate the direct experience (Satori) of your Authentic Self & True Nature after our signature weekend retreat, Access The Truth of You.

photo of a butterfly - to represent transformation
photo of an All One Planet Meditation Teacher student folder

Meditation Teacher - Training & Collaboration

Once you have enough experience in meditation and mindfulness, you may feel a calling to become a Meditation Teacher.

Once qualified, All One Planet Meditation Teachers join our Collaborative so we can grow the collective wisdom and support each other — as well as celebrate in our successes and attainments. Attainments, such as Tranquil Abiding (complete Samadhi) after months in retreat - leading to our unique qualification as a Retreat Master.

All One Planet aspires to be a top-rated provider, attracting the highest calibre students, dedicated to the Truth and supporting their students to deeper insights.

Despite the lofty aspirations, All One Planet is built upon the sturdy foundations of experience. The courses and ethos is very practical. For us:

Your experience is more important than philosophy, theories or dogma

The founder of All One Planet Ltd is Colin Ellis

Colin has a wealth of experience to share and is dedicated to seeking the Truth of who we are and the meaning of life.

He created All One Planet so you can gain the most from your meditation & mindfulness practices..

In his pursuit of insights into your True nature, Colin has been on retreat for longer than some Monks as well as qualified in many Psychological therapies.

Students find his teaching style to be understated with heaps of compassion.

He is also an author of books on meditation, mindfulness and personal development. See his books on Amazon UK - his pen-name is QC Ellis (or click this link to see them on Amazon USA)

A portrait photo of Colin Ellis